The Mission

It is completely possible for you to move forward in life, and obtain all the success you’ve been dreaming of, and I am here to help you discover and learn just that.

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About Bonny

My work as a keynote speaker is to inspire organizations to create mental health-friendly workplaces and truly diverse and inclusive work culture for the Gifted neurodivergent.

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The Blog

This blog is a celebration of yourself and of life. Living with high functioning depression shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice going after what you truly want.

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Together, We Are The Cure.

I started my healing journey looking for the silver bullet to cure my severe depression. Instead, what I discovered is a treasure map leading to a treasure trove of solutions that I now use every day to allow me to enjoy life and effectively manage the symptoms of depression, or traits of the neurodivergent, gifted brain, that used to hold me back and that may be holding you back. I share the treasure map in this blog!

I actually stopped looking for a cure. I embrace who I am and offer my special, unique blend of talents to the world.

When each of us start to live from our gifts, rather than feeling ashamed of our uniqueness and trying to unsuccessfully be like others and being unhappy for being out of the ordinary (or “extra-ordinary”), we will be one step closer to end the suffering of the world and closer to living in our collective utopia and experiencing our life from our strengths.


Your Next Steps...

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