Gifted Adults with High Functioning Depression

Mark Twain thought summer in San Francisco was the coldest winter he’s ever spent. What would he think of winter in San Francisco? Hey, Mark?

Winter in San Francisco felt like the layer between your fridge and your freezer. Not icy-cold. But bone-chilling.

On one such winter day, I curled up with friends April and Diane in their cozy Marina 2-bedroom apartment, with Murphy and Marmalade (cat names have been changed to protect kitties’ privacy). On this fateful day, I received the diagnosis of SAD – Seasonally Affected Disorder from my loving, caring friend, April (name’s real for authenticity).

With some years of personal development work under the belt, I got to a place with enough self knowledge to not deny that – that I now joined the army of millions with Depression in the U.S.

But I did not look further. I thought, as the winter passes, I’d be just fine. That was the limitation of my self awareness. I temporarily forgot I was feeling about the same way that past summer, too. So, in fact, I did not just have SAD, I had Moderate Depression.

A decade later, I had a self empowering income breakthrough while in the midst of one of worst Severe Depression episodes of my life. That’s even given the fact that by then, I was starting to have a level of self acceptance, and starting to embrace the reality that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). For a long time, my sister and I both considered our high sensitivity our handicap or disability.

Another decade later, I discovered neurodiversity, High Functioning Depression and, the Existential Depression and Anxiety inherent to being Gifted. Would my Ancestry DNA testing reveal the planets or the galaxy I was actually from?

People are certainly very individualized. At the same time, being able to be part of a community offers a sense of belonging, no matter how superficial. There’s often one that we identify most with. Being Gifted with Existential, High Functioning Depression is the community I landed recently. From this lived experience and forward-looking vintage point is where this blog offers.

This blog is my offering to my fellow Gifted Adults with Existential Depression and Anxiety.

Since the blogs are *offerings*, you can expect to see images of flowers, and occasionally flowerless plants accompanying each blog. They are my offerings to your LAUGH. Your Love, Your Authenticity, Your Uniqueness, Your Gutsiness, Your Healing.

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