If you have arrived here looking for a better understanding of your high functioning depression and how to thrive while living with it, you’ve come to the right place.

Wondering if this is you? See how you align with the following identifiers:

The 5 Overexcitabilities

1. Psychomotor Overexcitabilities

Characterized by excess physical energy, talking frequently and quickly, impulsivity, competitiveness, and tendency to work excessively to cope with stress.

2. Sensual Overexcitabilities

May feel a heightened need to touch and/or be touched, overeat, indulge, and will have an aversion to loneliness and an enhanced need for attention.

3. Imagination Overexcitabilities

A tendency towards being inventive, imaginative, and intuitive which may result in a greater capacity for the use of imagery and metaphor.

4. Intellectual Overexcitabilities

You may ask many questions, and enjoy mysteries, puzzles, and logical thinking. This also includes an ability for intense concentration, theoretical thinking, and a drive for learning and professional accomplishment.

5. Emotional Overexcitabilities

Showing high enthusiasm, great concern for others, and a sense of personal responsibility and duty to social justice. Intense emotional connections may be formed to people, places, and things.

Quick Identifiers:

● High level of passion and intensity
● Strong drive to achieve goals
● Complex, dynamic personality

Sound familiar? Then, read on to learn more.

The blog posts and video blogs found on Discover Gifted Depression are created by someone who shares your experience and can empathize with the challenges you face on a daily basis. High functioning depression may be one of the most difficult forms of depression to detect for those not experiencing it.

While deeply struggling on the inside, people with gifted depression often appear to be put together overachievers from an outside perspective.

This may leave you feeling misunderstood, and like you have to deal with the inner turmoil on your own.

But you are not alone. Through this blog, you will find greater clarity, support, and advice to help you live your life to the fullest and reach your true potential.

We’re going to get through this– together.

Discover Your Gift

Many people with high functioning depression think of it as a burden, but people with this condition are often extremely gifted with creativity, heightened sensitivity, and multi-potentialities.

It’s time to discover the gift you have been given, and thrive in the positive aspects of it while coping with the negative. By gaining a deeper understanding of your gift, you will be able to rise above what has been holding you back.

Free Yourself

If you have been feeling weighed down by the pressure of high functioning depression, don’t lose hope. There are many ways to effectively cope with your symptoms, and lead a life you love.

Through the experiences shared here, you will be able to learn what coping strategies work best for you, from mastering self-care to setting healthy boundaries.

You will be able to begin taking control of your mental health, and finally, free yourself from the limitations you have faced in the past.

Move Forward

Living with high functioning depression shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice going after what you truly want. With a more profound understanding of gifted depression and effective coping strategies for living with it, you will be ready to advance your personal, career and relationship goals in a productive way.

It is completely possible for you to move forward in life, and obtain all the success you’ve been dreaming of.